Safety Restraints

 In the world of high-speed racing, safety is paramount, and your protection behind the wheel is our top priority. Welcome to our Race Car Safety Restraints category, where we bring you a comprehensive range of safety solutions designed to keep you secure and confident as you push the limits on the track.

Head and Neck Restraints: Your head and neck are incredibly vulnerable during high-speed impacts. Our head and neck restraints provide critical support, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring your safety remains paramount.

HANS Devices: HANS (Head and Neck Support) devices are a revolutionary innovation in motorsport safety. These devices are meticulously engineered to prevent hyperextension of the neck, mitigating the risk of serious injury during sudden stops or collisions.

5-Point and 6-Point Racing Harnesses: Our racing harnesses are more than just seatbelts; they are precision-engineered safety systems designed to secure you in your racing seat. With options for both 5-point and 6-point configurations, you can trust in their reliability and strength.

Harness Mounts: Proper installation is key to the effectiveness of safety restraints. Explore our selection of harness mounts and accessories, ensuring that your safety equipment is securely fastened to your vehicle.

Replacement Parts: Maintenance and upkeep of your safety restraints are essential. We offer a wide array of replacement parts, allowing you to keep your safety gear in peak condition.

At Garage 56, we understand that when you're on the track, every second counts, and your safety is non-negotiable. Our Race Car Safety Restraints collection combines cutting-edge technology with rigorous testing to provide you with the peace of mind you need when racing at high speeds.

Safety doesn't slow you down; it propels you forward with confidence. Explore our range of race car safety restraints and elevate your racing experience, knowing that you're protected by the best in the business. Your passion is the race; our commitment is your safety.

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